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Zones of Regulation - Find out more about how these are used in school and how they might help at home

Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out the Zones of Regulation across the school and over the coming months it become a whole school approach.


The Zones helps pupils to understand their emotions and how to use strategies to help regulate the emotions they are feeling. The pupils will also gain an increased vocabulary of emotional terms, skills in reading other people’s facial expressions, perspective about how others see and react to their behaviour, insight into events that trigger their behaviour, calming and alerting strategies and problem solving skills.



To start with we will introduce the four zones to all pupils; blue (tired, poorly, sick, bored), green (happy, calm, feeling okay, focused, ready to learn), yellow (frustrated, worried, silly/wiggly, excited, loss of some control) and red (mad/angry, terrified, yelling/hitting, elated, out of control). 


Once the zones have been introduced we will check in with the pupils each day to see what zone they are in. For pupils in school this can be putting their name on a colour chart or for a pupil currently home learning they could show a coloured pencil or felt tip pen the colour of the zone they are feeling. 

Staff will model how they are feeling, why and what they do to help themselves when feeling a particular way. 


This will start the introduction of the zones and will give all staff another tool to check the wellbeing of each pupil. 


Some classes are already using the Zones of Regulation, Evergreen has used it for several years and it is has proved key to pupils understanding how they feel, what their triggers are and what they can do to regulate their emotions.