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We have a 5-Year Plan to Improve our grounds

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Originally founded in 1887, Water Orton Primary School and Evergreen Resource Provision moved to its new site in September 2019, due to the planned High Speed Rail tracks and construction passing close to the original Victorian buildings.

Whilst the school was fortunate to have been able to move to a new school building, there are many things were not included as part of the move. The children have no play equipment, no seating, no shaded areas, no playground markings, no wildlife / conservation learning areas and no canopy for reception children to play outside out of the rain in winter and to stay out of the sun in summer.


Children (including 6 children with Special Educational Needs, taught within the 'Evergreen' Resource Provision) had a long period of lockdown at home during lockdown, which significantly impacted on their anxieties, confidence and wellbeing. School can ventilate classroom areas and restrict physical contact, but outdoor areas would be highly beneficial to these young children who desperately need exercise, social skills and physical activity.



Fund Raising for a Defibrillator

This has now closed - Thank you for your donations